Paul Weckhoven

Arrangeur, Composer, Organist. Choirmaster, Editor, Publisher

Hallo, welcome on my website,

in 1946 I was born  in Germany, and I studied to play organ & to play piano, to improvise, to conduct and of course theory and composition, and in music educations as well.

Many favourite instruments are piano and organ as well.
But I also like chamber music and classroom music very much.

During my long life [:-)] of working and teaching I was organist and choirmaster for many years at several places here in Germany.
And in a sideline of freelanced I taught students at different colleges and music colleges, and I played many organ concerts as in Europe and as in the United States. Playing the organ or the harpsichord I was also envolved in many services for the boardcasting.
But I also worked as a music teacher at different schools and as a piano teacher as well.

Personally I prefer the music from France, from England from the States and of course from Germany, from Italy. and from Austria,too. my favorites are the 17th, 18th, 19th and the early 20th centuries. J.S. Bach, D. Buxtehude, Th. Dubois, C. Franck, E. Gigout, F.A. Guilmant, W.A. Mozart, F. Boely, C. Saint-Saens. L.Vierne, Ch.-M.Widor are my special favorites like "top 10".

But today I enjoy it being retired, and besides of playing some organ concerts now I have plenty of time to compose and to editing organ music and piano music I found in different music stores whilst traveling across Europe during the years since 1970.
And some of my "organ music treasures" and "piano music treasures" I will publish together with my closed friends for different publishing companies.
Many of these music pieces had been composed for the harmonium especially for very small catholic churches of France, which did not have cash to buy a big pipe organ.
All these - most unknown - music pieces for the harmonium, first published 100 years (or much earlier) ago, I arranged for the pipe organ and gave them in addition also one separate pedal line. And especially these unknown music pieces I played very often during church services, because they are not difficult to play. And also very often I added these music pieces to my organ concert programmas to having more varietes and more musical colours in the compiled music there.

And I also have friends, which are is a akkordeon teachers and which are also playing in a mixed akkordeon ensemble.
They love organ music very much, but they can not play the organ. So I arranged some organ pieces for their akkordeon ensemble. - And they realized these music pieces by great success during their performances.

And now I do publish them either here step by step by practicing with my new Sibelius software or by Finale softwares for different publishings.
Sibelius softwares are very interesting, because they are very much different to other notation softwares. But they also need plenty of time to learning it and to realizing it as well.

In case of interest or in case of questions or in case of problems [or in case you could help me], please, do not hesitate to email me personally:
Paul . Weckhoven @ plein - jeu . net . And I will answer you as soon as possible.

All my files are done by Finale-Software.

Paul Weckhoven





31 окт 2018
Laudate Dominum 1
Da ich bisher keine entsprechenden, passenden Print-Erzeugnisse in den Musik- und/oder online-Läden gefunden habe, habe ich damit begonnen einen eigenen, mehrteiligen Projektkurs "Kirchenlied-Begleitung" für den Selbstunterricht entwickeln, der Organistinnen und Organisten auf einfache Art und Weise befähigen kann, Kirchenlieder mit bis zu 3 Vorzeichnungen mit einfachen Mitteln und dennoch abwechslungsreich und stilbezogen nach der Kirchengesangbuchvorlage zu begleiten, ohne auf die sogenannten ...
25 июл 2018
eine neue Harmonielehre für die musikalische Praxis und für Jedermann
Im Jahre 1911 hatte Johannes Eduard Franz Bölsche (1869-1935), Theorielehrer am damaligen Cölner Konservatorium , heute Musikhochschule in Köln, unter dem Titel „ Übungen und Aufgaben zum Studium der Harmonielehre “ [ Kurztitel hier: „Bölsche-Harmonielehre“ ] für seine damaligen Studenten eine Harmonielehre bzw. Tonsatzlehre entwickelt, die auch heute noch von sehr großer Bedeutung ist. Seitdem, insbesondere seit den vergangenen 50 Jahren, wurden mehrere interessante Harmonielehren bzw. ...